Introducing Solarazma Suite

I developed the original daily modelling utility as an easy and free-of-charge means for people to determine what kind of solar generation and export they might get for various configurations of solar array, battery and energy tariff. Since its initial launch, I received many requests for new features, and I added as many as I could with the time I had available. It was becoming clear to me however, that in order to provide continued development for the utility, I would have to get serious about it, devoting a lot more time.

So, whilst the original utility will remain free for anyone to use, I've now made available a paid-for Solarazma Suite of the same, which already has more extensive capability and a roadmap for even more features.

But how to charge for it?

If you've been watching my videos for a while, you'll know that I'm very passionate about solar technology. Moreover, I've made it my mission to empower everyone with a deeper understanding of solar and related technologies, so they can see themselves actively contributing to a sustainable future powered by renewables. My offer to you then is this: if you're able and happy to make a small monthly financial contribution through my Patreon channel in support of my work, you'll not only get access Solarazma Suite, but you'll be joining me on that journey... constant enhancements to the utility, exclusive videos and other updates, member-only Q&A sessions etc.

Solarazma Suite Features

  • A brand new look and feel
  • Integration with PVGIS supplying accurate solar data for your location
  • Configure up to three arrays on different orientations
  • Annual generation chart split by month (and array)
  • Settings are also stored as cookies,automatically loaded at the start
  • Configurable currency symbol
  • Additional import rates to support complex smart tariffs
  • Separated maximum charge and discharge rates
  • Configurable forced charging and discharging rates
  • Forced charging and discharging limits
  • Forced charging and discharging rates
  • Minimum battery level setting
  • Option to prevent discharging outside of a forced charging period
  • Allows over-inverter-limit DC-coupled battery charging with over-sized arrays
  • Summary Header stays visible when scolling
  • and more and more features being added all the time...